Parkour Classes


“Ironic though it may sound, there are no shortcuts to learning parkour.”

Parkour Mumbai boasts of years of teaching experience in parkour, and conducts one of the country's only two legitimate parkour classes. You get the benefit of high-quality instruction from some of the top trainers and most experienced practitioners in the country. Please be wary of fake advertisements of Parkour classes being offered elsewhere though. You can read up more about this issue here.

Learn the practical art of tool-less human locomotion, and the ability to be useful in situations. (Maybe you'll save yours or someone's life from a burning building one day.)
Enjoy some physical activity for a change. Getting in-shape is not a boring affair any more.
Rediscover your childhood, and the fulfillment that playing like a kid brings with it.
Get rewarded for the efforts you put in your training.
Move up the ranks of Parkour Mumbai, which brings several benefits as you climb up the hierarchy.

Parkour Programs

We offer the following parkour-based teaching programs. Many of our programs are also available simultaneously in separate batches for kids. To know more about a specific program (details, schedule, location, fee, etc.), click on the appropriate link below -

Fun With Movement Basics Bootcamps
Fun With Movement Basics Bootcamps
(Ages 18+)
Anyone who is looking to have fun moving around through various environments like kids, or just want your daily dose of exercise through new and innovative ways instead of the same old boring ways of staying in shape, can join our Fun With Movement class. No serious training here. Just move and groove.
Prior parkour knowledge/training not necessary.
An Introduction-to-Parkour Basics Bootcamp, in which you quickly learn the fundamental building blocks of parkour, and get up to speed on the different ways of efficient movement.
All newcomers need to complete the full bootcamp program in order to enroll in any of our other parkour/freerunning classes.
Practical Locomotion Creative Expression
Practical Locomotion Creative Expression
Once you have learnt the basics, you can always sign up for intermediate training in the Practical Locomotion class to learn the finer nuances of movement. Build upon your skills to utilize combinations. Develop precision, flow, control, spatial awareness through advanced training. Become a better, stronger, fitter, and more conditioned athlete through structured athletic training to supplement the skills you are mastering.
Requires completion of the Basics Bootcamps.
This is our intermediate freerunning program. Course not available at the moment.
Requires completion of the Basics Bootcamps.


Enrollment If you are interested in enrolling in any of our programs, please send us an enquiry via email at contact at parkourmumbai dot com, or call us on this number: [telephone unavailable at the moment].

Alternately, you can show up directly at the gym in-person during the timings advertised for the class you wish to join, and enroll on the spot after speaking to the instructor and completing registration formalities.

ALL new students and trainees at Parkour Mumbai have to get themselves registered with us first, and obtain an ID Card. You can only enroll in our training programs after completing registration.
For details on the registration process, please visit this page.

For a full list of what parkour-based programs are offered at the Parkour Mumbai Gym you visit, please visit the web page for that particular gym to get more information about the programs, timings, and other details.